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Writer(s) Dan Smith
Producer(s) Dan Smith, Mark Crew
Length 3:16
From Bad Blood
Singles "Overjoyed"
"Bad Blood"
"Laura Palmer"
"Things We Lost in the Fire"
Bad Blood track listing
Bastille singles chronology
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Of the Night Oblivion Torn Apart

"Oblivion" is a song by Bastille from their first album Bad Blood. It is going to be the seventh and last single released from Bad Blood. A video for the single was released, as well as the single cover, in July 2014.

Background and meaningEdit

"Oblivion" is the eighth song on their first album Bad Blood. It was released as the seventh single from the album, eighth including "Of the Night" from All This Bad Blood. A live version of the song recorded at Capitol Studios was realeased as the B-side to the "Of the Night" single.

It was written by Dan who said that ""Oblivion" is about trying to follow someone to the place they go when they lose their mind". He has also said on a different occasion that "[Oblivion] tells of an intimate moment in which someone is telling their passed out friend that ‘however hard they try, they can never manage to follow them to whatever level of inebriated escape they manage to get to.’"[1]

The song was first performed live in September 2012 at the iTunes Festival in London.[2] The band confirmed during their headline gig at London’s Somerset House on July 15th that "Oblivion" would be the next single.[3]

Music videoEdit

A video was shot for the song in June, 2014.[4] The video leaked on Vimeo on the 17th July, 2014, but was taken down the next day. The video premiered on MSN on the 21st July[5][6], and was uploaded to their VEVO channel the next day.[7] It was directed by Austin Peters, who has also directed the "Flaws" video. The video stars the Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. The video features her singing "Oblivion" at a demolition derby.[8]

Music Video Information
Bastille - Oblivion04:12

Bastille - Oblivion


Premiere July 21 2014
Filmed June, 2014
Director Austin Peters
Producer Brooke McDaniel, Sasha Nixon
Production co Forever Pictures
Exec. producer
Editor Taylor Ward
Length 4:11

In popular cultureEdit

  • The song was featured in "O Come, All Ye Faithful", the ninth episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries.
  • "Oblivion" was used in a TV spot for the film The Fault in Our Stars

Lyrics Edit

When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder.
When you're in my arms but you've gone somewhere deeper.

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?
Are you going to age with grace,
Or only to wake and hide your face?

When oblivion is calling out your name,
You always take it further than I ever can.

When you play it hard, and I try to follow you there.
It's not about control but I turn back when I see where you go.

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to leave a path to trace?

But oblivion is calling out your name,
You always take it further than I ever can.

When oh oblivion is calling out your name,
You always take it further than I ever can.



Sophie Turner on the set of the video.



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